Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Working 9 to 5

Linking up with Flip Flops and Pearls again for her wonderful Semi-Wordless Wednesday. Spent Saturday with the family: a pancake breakfast fundraiser; an hour-long work session; Annie Get Your Gun movie with my kids*;  a gorgeous drive to Momma and Daddy's for Easter on Saturday; Easter egg coloring; Easter egg hunts; loads of yummy Easter foods; cupcakes for dessert; and a new Easter tradition: Easter Egg Chunkin'. Seriously, y'all, I wish you had seen us. Chunkin' our colored Easter eggs into Momma and Daddy's woods. Grown adults, y'all. The kiddos loved it. And so did we.

Sunday, I enjoyed working with my little ones at Church and attending the third service to worship my Saviour. I cried during the service, which is totally nothing new for me. After Church, I lounged in the sun for a few hours and actually got some color on my pasty legs. Sadie loved hanging out back with me.

It was a glorious weekend.

And then came Monday... and work.


I truly dislike filing so I wait until the stack is almost falling over onto the floor from the top of the file cabinet before I start filing. Or until my OCD tendencies take over and absolutely everything must be organized, including my pen drawer. It's kinda scary.

Some days, I feel just like Lucy and Ethel. I'm cramming as much into the day as I can and I'm just not keeping up with it all. This last week has been even more crazy than normal. Thank goodness for my upcoming Mini-cation!

Honestly, I saw these shoes and thought, "I want". They're pink, y'all! I love pink. And heels. But, they're a bit out of my price range. Sigh

We're halfway there, y'all. Only 2 more days and then 5 days off! I simply can't wait.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

*My kids are four-legged children. Miss Sadie Marie, a six year old Golden Retriever and Labrador mix, and Miss Kit, a one year old short-hair feline. They're great movie companions! They never talk and don't eat all the popcorn.


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: I wish I were at the beach...

Today is my first time linking up with Flip Flops & Pearls for Semi-Wordless Wednesday. And today is only my second post on Looking Glass Fantasies.

Why yes, I'd love a coke to cool off with!

The beach is more fun with your girls!

Living on the Outer Banks, you'd think I'd get to the beach more often. I wish that were only so! I love the vintage style of the late 50s, early 60s. From the bathing suits to the dresses, everything seems so much more glam. With a coke in one hand and a surfboard in the other, I'd be the "surf bunny" of yore. 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!