It's Independence Day

On a day not unlike today 235 years ago, a group of regular men became a group of leaders, of radicals, of rebels. They stood up in the face of tyranny and said, "No more."

Their stand came in the form of a stirring speech made by a once-derelict idler turned passionate orator and lawyer by the name of Patrick Henry.

It came in the form of a group of men called 'Sons of Liberty'.

It came in the form of the Boston Massacre and Gaspee Affair, the Boston Tea Party and the First Continental Congress meeting.

It continued with another rousing speech by Patrick Henry, with the night-time rides through towns alerting townsfolk "The British are coming" by Paul Revere and William Dawes.

 It rushed through the seizing of Fort Ticonderoga, the Second Continental Congress meeting, the naming of George Washington as Commander-in-Chief.

All those steps, those decisions, those frightening and amazing days leading up to July 4, 1776, when the colonists rose up and took their freedom. They stood up and declared their independence. It was a day of meaning, a day of passion, a day of fears of reprisal, and a day of truth.

Most people think nothing of what those men and women and children gave up to gain freedom. A freedom we take for granted, a freedom we rarely think about because we have never been without it. We enjoy those freedoms with only a slight pause annually to say "Happy 4th of July" and sit to watch fireworks, eat hot dogs and hamburgers, gather with family.

235 years ago, those men and women and children lived in fear of being massacred in their homes. Of being drug away as prisoners. And yet, they stood and they fought and they won their freedom. They won our freedom.

Today, men and women still stand and fight and keep our freedom safe.

I celebrate our military forces today, the active men and women, the retired men and women, the lost and the fallen. They are our leaders, our radicals, our rebels. They are our "Sons and Daughters of Liberty". They take the steps, make the decisions and live through the frightening and amazing days so everyone else may eat their hot dogs, hug their kids and grandkids and watch fireworks over the ocean or the river or the city.

Sons of Liberty, Daughters of Liberty: Thank you for standing and shouting to the world, "I am proud to be an American. And I will fight to keep this land, these people, this way of life free." Today and everyday, I salute you and your willingness to keep our rights alive, the rights fought for and won so many years ago, the inalienable rights all possess.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." (Declaration of Independence, 1776.)

Happy 4th of July! 


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Working 9 to 5

Linking up with Flip Flops and Pearls again for her wonderful Semi-Wordless Wednesday. Spent Saturday with the family: a pancake breakfast fundraiser; an hour-long work session; Annie Get Your Gun movie with my kids*;  a gorgeous drive to Momma and Daddy's for Easter on Saturday; Easter egg coloring; Easter egg hunts; loads of yummy Easter foods; cupcakes for dessert; and a new Easter tradition: Easter Egg Chunkin'. Seriously, y'all, I wish you had seen us. Chunkin' our colored Easter eggs into Momma and Daddy's woods. Grown adults, y'all. The kiddos loved it. And so did we.

Sunday, I enjoyed working with my little ones at Church and attending the third service to worship my Saviour. I cried during the service, which is totally nothing new for me. After Church, I lounged in the sun for a few hours and actually got some color on my pasty legs. Sadie loved hanging out back with me.

It was a glorious weekend.

And then came Monday... and work.


I truly dislike filing so I wait until the stack is almost falling over onto the floor from the top of the file cabinet before I start filing. Or until my OCD tendencies take over and absolutely everything must be organized, including my pen drawer. It's kinda scary.

Some days, I feel just like Lucy and Ethel. I'm cramming as much into the day as I can and I'm just not keeping up with it all. This last week has been even more crazy than normal. Thank goodness for my upcoming Mini-cation!

Honestly, I saw these shoes and thought, "I want". They're pink, y'all! I love pink. And heels. But, they're a bit out of my price range. Sigh

We're halfway there, y'all. Only 2 more days and then 5 days off! I simply can't wait.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

*My kids are four-legged children. Miss Sadie Marie, a six year old Golden Retriever and Labrador mix, and Miss Kit, a one year old short-hair feline. They're great movie companions! They never talk and don't eat all the popcorn.


Semi-Wordless Wednesday: I wish I were at the beach...

Today is my first time linking up with Flip Flops & Pearls for Semi-Wordless Wednesday. And today is only my second post on Looking Glass Fantasies.

Why yes, I'd love a coke to cool off with!

The beach is more fun with your girls!

Living on the Outer Banks, you'd think I'd get to the beach more often. I wish that were only so! I love the vintage style of the late 50s, early 60s. From the bathing suits to the dresses, everything seems so much more glam. With a coke in one hand and a surfboard in the other, I'd be the "surf bunny" of yore. 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!



Through The Looking Glass

Alice and her adventures have drawn me since I was a child. The chase after a white rabbit carrying a pocket watch (how dignified he must have been, even rushing around), a tumble down a long hole to find yourself in a room of doors, wandering through Wonderland, meeting the Queen. It all sounds spooky and glamorous. Growing to a towering height and shrinking to the size of an ant. sigh So romantic and fun.

One of my many loves, after reading, is jewelry. I love all kinds of jewelry. Many a moon ago, I worked at a local shop and learned the art of macrame, beading, design and bead creation. Who knew that long ago summer job would turn into a passion?

As I move forward in life, I began looking at what I am passionate about. First and foremost, I am passionate about my relationship with God. Family comes next. Reading, running and graphics design all fall somewhere on the line. Jewelry, well, it's pretty high on the list. And not just any jewelry, but my jewelry. Oh, do I love designing jewelry. Right now, that passion is being fulfilled with chains, beads, silk cord, glass, pearls and pendents.

One day, I hope to move on to working with metals and gemstones and, I pray, parlay my passion into an actual career. For now, I will stick with creating my little fantasies of jewelry. Some to wear, some to share and some to give away. Soon, some to sell, too!

I hope you enjoy wandering through the looking glass and into my Wonderland. There will be some DIY projects going on here, as well as some crafty projects and some furniture makeovers. Most of all, there will be jewelry.

I will do my best to share where I got my supplies on any tutorials, though most of my jewelry supplies have been with me for years!