Through The Looking Glass

Alice and her adventures have drawn me since I was a child. The chase after a white rabbit carrying a pocket watch (how dignified he must have been, even rushing around), a tumble down a long hole to find yourself in a room of doors, wandering through Wonderland, meeting the Queen. It all sounds spooky and glamorous. Growing to a towering height and shrinking to the size of an ant. sigh So romantic and fun.

One of my many loves, after reading, is jewelry. I love all kinds of jewelry. Many a moon ago, I worked at a local shop and learned the art of macrame, beading, design and bead creation. Who knew that long ago summer job would turn into a passion?

As I move forward in life, I began looking at what I am passionate about. First and foremost, I am passionate about my relationship with God. Family comes next. Reading, running and graphics design all fall somewhere on the line. Jewelry, well, it's pretty high on the list. And not just any jewelry, but my jewelry. Oh, do I love designing jewelry. Right now, that passion is being fulfilled with chains, beads, silk cord, glass, pearls and pendents.

One day, I hope to move on to working with metals and gemstones and, I pray, parlay my passion into an actual career. For now, I will stick with creating my little fantasies of jewelry. Some to wear, some to share and some to give away. Soon, some to sell, too!

I hope you enjoy wandering through the looking glass and into my Wonderland. There will be some DIY projects going on here, as well as some crafty projects and some furniture makeovers. Most of all, there will be jewelry.

I will do my best to share where I got my supplies on any tutorials, though most of my jewelry supplies have been with me for years!